Friendzone: The Analysis

Quite frankly, nothing reduces fellas to a bunch of whiny, snivelly pansies like being friendzoned.  It is the most unholy of hells for a masculinity.  The concept of a man spreading his precious penis near and far is threatened by being a friend with a woman.

To be quite honest, how many men do you think a woman friendzones a day?  In some cases, quite a few.  Do you have any idea how that would pile up at the end of the week?  How would you feel to know that the woman that you thought was yours is now with someone else because they were offended by being friendzoned?

A woman is not a machine that you deosit kindness until sex falls out

Let me explain the friendzone.  If a woman wants to be a friend, then she just wants to be a friend.  If you want to treat her as your girlfriend and buy things for her, and do things for her, then just remember, YOU wanted to do those things.  How many times have I seen women treat and call a man their husband?  Most times this man in question is just the man.  He is the BOYFRIEND, he has not proposed to you or married you.  And then you get accused (rightfully so) of crowding.

So why is it not true for men?  Not just that, how many men whine that the women they want is often found in the company of a jerk?  (Those exact words out of a Trinidadian man’s mouth).  The same way that I am often advised to not show up a man’s failings so that I can actually keep a man and because it makes his penis shorter, I also advise a man not to show a woman that she is wrong AT THE PRECISE MOMENT THAT SHE IS WRONG!  It makes a vagina dry, it does.  Not just that: women are attracted to strength, not weak losers who cannot muster up the strength and courage to have their own confidence.

Now there is a difference between confidence and douchebag.  One has the image, the other has the substance.  If you have neither, then you get friendzoned.  Have I been clear enough?