Grammatically Correct

I am not a grammar Nazi.

Having said that, I do believe that the Internet is pushing its luck with me.  May it is unfair to blame the Internet, when the newspapers do it rather regularly and blatantly enough that I can spot it without the help of the squiggly, green line.

Commas often get a bad rap from the ‘Mericans.  But they help.  They separate words within sentences to give your brain a chance to pause.  That comes in handy to a user.  If you do not understand what I am saying, try reading a long sentence without any commas.  If you do not read enough to have encountered this, please get off this page.  Go back to watching funny pictures on Facebook where you are verbally abused for correcting bad language.

We learn language by absorbing it from what we hear and read.  Sometimes, I get messages that have me scratching my head.  The language has become so distorted that comprehension is lost.

Referring to someone who bemoans the lost art of Correct Grammar as a Grammar Nazi has created people that defy the good works of Correct Grammar because of the negative connotations.  I say call them…The Grammar Police.  Like the Fashion Police, but for language.


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