Boredom is a silent killer – ask your doctor if fun is right for you

Boredom is a silent killer that is affecting our communities and the world at large.

Just reflect on all the dumb things that you have done while bored.  I have dyed my hair fire engine red – no really – that was the name on the box. My hair was so fried for months, my coworkers called me “Flame On” which was detrimental to my psyche.

Boredom explains the rise in extreme sports which are called that because they are extremely dangerous.  This is due partly to the fact that there is little adherence to safety measure.  You get your kicks where you can.  Boredom also explains drinking until you are beyond all the good reasons for drinking that leaves you practically poisoned.

A lot of the crime rate has been explained by boredom.  Children are enrolled into all sorts of sporting activities to “keep them off the street”.  all well and good, but what happens outside of the hours of these activities?  Child killers often explain their crimes as being a way of trying to relieve the boredom.  I am not endorsing any of this crap from them though.

I honestly believe that boredom is the refuge of the unimaginative mind.  Go to Wikipedia and find some random topic to become an expert in.  Find a new hobby.  I don’t necessarily mean that you need to make one up.  Just find something that is new to you and do it.  Foreign film festival, some kind of craft hobbies, gardening, etc.  The list is endless and I want to spend a special shout out to all my friends who help me when I am bored:-,, etc.  I could probably file all of this under “Internet”, but I wanted to be specific.

However, there can be some side effects to all this:

  • withdrawal from your social circle – because you are busy learning
  • a learning curve – because you are learning something new
  • new friends, and a new social learning curve – new friends means getting to know other people
  • fun and excitement
  • happiness

From the above list you can tell that fun is just not for everyone.  Ask your doctor if fun is right for you.


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