– add ‘Mature’ post here

So, while trying to figure out this WordPress thing, I come across a link that says ‘Add mature post’.

Now I am hoping for the sake of my sanity that it means a post that is insightful, well-thought out, and shows a lot of life experience.  But alas! Tis not to be!  Just as my innocence was shattered when I realised that ‘Adult Toys’ did not refer to the alarm clock that makes your coffee at whatever you set the timer on your clock to be.

Innocence shattered, I tell you.  In my outrage, I would like to add this: Mature means experienced, insightful, and sometimes wholesome.  Not that I can’t enjoy a dirty joke.  I just want it labelled as such.  I would pass on something labelled “Bran Muffins” even if it is in the chocolate section – because it is labelled bran muffins.  I think WordPress should rename the link to “add smutty post +18 years and over”.  It is clearly defined with no confusion.

Mature has its own connotations.  Use wisely.


One thought on “– add ‘Mature’ post here

  1. SO true. the world is or has already become so sexually driven that it has changed the meaning to words like ‘MATURE’.

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